Details is a default IP address used to configure routers and modem. Enter and not the typo 192.168.I.I in a router or modem to access it correctly.

Not every IP address has owner information associated with it. This is the case with your lookup of here on IPAddress.com. falls in to one of these categories. The categories include either a internal IP address, private IP address, or reserved IP address. Sometimes the IP is accidentally typed as 192.168.I.I when a person mistakenly replaces the 1 number with the letter I. Only numbers are in a IP address and not letters.

All of these types of IP addresses like have limited information available because they exist in private networks or configurations. Routers and network modems for example might use in the default configuration to change or view WAN, WLAN, DSL, ADSL, MAC, and DNS settings.

This default router IP is primarily used in Linksys routers, but can actually be configured on any routing device. Other popular brands that might use in their network device configuration include Netgear, TP-Link, ASUS, D-Link, Netcomm, Zyxel, Edimax, Belkin, Thomson, and hundreds more.

In other times may fall in a reserve IP range whose scope could be set aside for use in a modem, software, subnets, and private networks. Private networks exist to keep local traffic contained to a home or business, and not exposed outside of these areas.

Examples of private or reserved use include broadcast messages, local communications, service providers, testing, and future applications.

You would type directly in your web browser to login the admin interface or you can access the IP address at by copying and pasting in your browser. You will reach the user interface of a local router or modem and then be able to configure settings or change the IP. is a private or reserved IP address with limited information on record. If you want to find out more about your IP address, please visit our My IP page.


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